Welcome to Homeschool Daddy!

Here’s our first attempt at blogging. Marcus, Naomi and I are looking forward to sharing information with other homeschoolers and dads (and moms) around the country. Hope to hear from you and share stories soon…

A quick bio – I, (Allen) am a 32 yr. old African American musician and teacher, currently serving as a Minister of Music in my church here in Miami. I also homeschool my two younger children, Marcus,9, and Naomi,8, along with my wife Miki. She works full-time at our church. My oldest son, Christopher, 14, will attend a magnet high school next year. I’ve taught in public schools as an elementary music teacher 8 years before leaving to homeschool in 2005.

There are many things in which I realize I am in the minority – male elementary teacher, male homeschooler, etc. – but I know there are others and I want to share any thoughts that might benefit you in your quest to educate your family – not just in home-school, but in family life lessons. That’s the way we approach it, and if we’re not perfect, that just means we have a chance of getting better. See you soon…


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