Does summer have an express button?

It’s June 26, I am barely hanging on here, and the children that are normally driving me to that end are off in Pensacola, FL, having an extraordinary time with grandparents. Summer would seem to be a time of rest and reflection, of enjoying the break away from the kids. But it’s probably the most pressure packed time of the year. This is the time where I try to pack 10 household and home office projects in 6 weeks, as if I’ll never have another chance to file tax returns from 2003 or really scrub the bathroom tile. I know in my heart that all of these projects can be organized into our daily routine, but I still put myself under unrealistic deadlines. My only advice would be to realize that summer doesn’t not have to be a major change, just a time to re-balance and re-focus on those things that were neglected in the school year. It’s not necessary to do everything you missed from August to June, esp. if you learn to keep doing summer things all year around.


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