Thanks for reading…

I’m truly stunned. It takes a lot to leave me speechless, but I honestly am totally surprised that people have actually … (swallowing hard)…. READ this blog. It is amazing to me that even in the innocence of typing and placing thoughts on an obviously public forum, that the idea of others sharing and commenting on my ramblings remains frightening. This does give me alot of faith in the power of information, however. Perhaps the greatest fear of writers around the world with the genesis of the internet was the demise of the book. However, it seems that the opposite is true – never has the printed word had more immediate impact and accessibility, whether on printed page, web page, or read aloud via podcast or video link. It is this democratization of information that has formed my opinion that this is the best time to be yourself – because in an increasingly brand – concsious and commerce driven world, the one thing that is truly unique is you – your thoughts, expressions and outlook on life. It is with that ideal that I welcome any other vistors to share with me and post your comments and ideas. It’s the tendrils of the web of human connectedness that makes the entire structure stand up. One cord – my cord – is inconsequential by itself.

In the world of Pauldom, Marcus is preparing to sing in the premiere of La Bohemme in the new Miami Performing Arts Center. For my son to be singing in not one, but two operas in the same year (Carmen was in May), is one of those things that you just don’t see coming when you sign up for homeschooling. It would be easy to say that he still would have had the chance to participate had he not been a homeschooler, but that is a big leap. Most likely I would have been scared off by the scheduling and travel issues and not even had him try out in the first place. Perhaps it’s just me, but something about a 9 to 5 makes you a little conservative, a little more hestitant to take chances. Even as I say that, I know it’s a gross generalization, but it’s true in my case. Teaching in the classroom everyday and the kids being in the same classrooms just limited my vision somewhat. It does occur to me that should they return to ‘four walls’ schooling one day, that I can’t limit that vision of their potential or suddenly decide to take them out of all these activities – however, the freedom of ‘unschooling’ is a constant reminder that opportunities to go another way, to take a different route, are available each and every day. I need that reminder so I don’t get caught in the feathery bed of sameness, only to wake up after my kids have slipped into adulthood with nary a unexpected challenge.

It is late, so another post later may clarify my thoughts better. Looking unto the hills…



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