Stranger than Fiction…you heard it here first!

Hello everyone…just when I thought I was the only one with a voice in my head…

that’s right, I wrote a post about the ‘internal narrator’ a few weeks ago. Now, a movie comes out with almost the exact premise that I described. Maybe I should be writing for Hollywood instead. (Naw…)

The movie stars Will Ferrell, who hears a female voice overdubbed over his everyday life. I suppose the movie “Click” hinted at the same idea when Adam Sandler hears James Earl Jones on his “commentary” track. What I think is so ironic is that these movies seem to play on our own desire to have significance through the impressions or the view of others. It’s almost as if the television “commentary” has become institutionalized in our culture. Every action, every opinion is run through the filter of mass media,
cultural sensitivity, and populariy considerations. I wonder (or maybe I should ask) if the older generations find this kind of constant rehashing and reworking of everyday
issues a little silly. After all, how did we view everyday life before TV, before radio, before the “voices” of others became real voices and not simply imagination or literary devices? Most importantly, when did the “still small voice” of the Spirit start having to compete with the loud voices of our TV commentaries? I feel all of us have to differentiate between that voice of the commentator and listen to the quieter voice that speaks like, as Lincoln states, “the better angels of our nature.”

Look unto the hills,



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