Keeping Promises

Tonight is a night that I really don’t want to remember what I promised to myself and others. One of those promises involves my writing at this very moment. As part of my weekly planning, I decided to be more consistent with my blogging by writing two times a week. Of course, this turned into a long, busy week where I was tempted to put that off. But it’s important to me that I begin to act on my personal committments. Keeping a promise to myself helps remind me that without internal integrity, I can’t practice external integrity with others.

I also have to keep my promise to my kids. As things become more hectic, it becomes really hard to remember to plan, to keep active and ahead of the kids’ learning curve. But my promise to them is to provide the best education possible, even when it’s inconvenient for me to do so. I understand that many of the teachable moments of a day are outside of a particular plan or lesson, but it’s also important to maintain a steady program of planning and study, even for a outschooler like me. (My own made up term – not quite unschooling, but certainly not “in” school or totally structured lessons either). In the long run, it’s probably more pressure on myself, but I feel my kids will only pick up the concept of discipline if I exhibit it myself, even in the educational choices I make (or maybe more, because of those choices.)

I’ve tried the website a couple more times using a shorter address – if you’re looking for my pictures or updates. They can be found at

Now it’s time to get some sleep – something else I have to be disciplined in….
Look unto the hills,



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