Things to give thanks for….

1. That God would love me.
2. That I have a family to love.
3. That my wife still thinks that “yes” was the right answer.
4. That kids are the ulimate lesson in forgiving and being forgiven.
5. That my car doesn’t have to be in perfect condition to get me around.
6. That money isn’t everything.
7. That being late isn’t always the end – sometimes showing up is a victory in itself.
8. That no one has ever died from a dirty house.
9. That some people actually think my silly jokes are funny.
10. That my real friends are real friends.
11. That in my lowest point, I am still better off than 99% of the people in the world who are hungry, homeless, or hopeless.
12. That I am in a position to help the hungry, homeless, and hopeless.
13. That because music is part of heaven, I will never be unemployed.
14. That sometimes a clean t-shirt and jeans is a blessing from above.
15. That family is family – no matter what.
16. That it does all work out for my good.
17. That I know who to thank on thanksgiving.
18. That He loves me.
19. That I know I can’t complete this list.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember from whence cometh your help.



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