Not much to say…

I’m glad an uneventual week just passed. Not that it wasn’t busy, but that there were no unexpected crazy issues. It’s probably the let-down after a holiday weekend that makes the familiar more appealing. Once the holiday is over, we can refocus on the things we are supposed to be thankful for everyday – a steady job, a healthy family, etc. Of course, it’s hard to refocus around this time of year.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been speaking to some young men, guys in college, seniors in high school. It’s interesting to see how they view the world. I’m seeing more of a freedom in their attitudes, a non-conformist streak that seems to strike against the good job, two kids and a house mythology. When I was in school, I felt similar feelings about not being ‘trapped’ into simply taking a job to make money, but it took much longer for me to solidify my philosophy about approaching life. I hope this generation doesn’t waste the opportunity to define their own destinies by simply looking for the safe or familar. It’s good to look to the wisdom of our forefathers, but not to be defined by the achievements, or even the attitudes, that preceded us. If Jesus could say, “greater works than these shall ye do”, He must have meant that what He placed in us was capable of more than we witnessed in the past. It is a self reproducing, eternal drive to be more of what is in us than what we were. Our destinies are defined by our intensity, not our history.

More news on the latest homeschool projects soon. Looking unto the hills….


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