Another year past…

Not much time before this computer goes to sleep, so I must comment quickly….

I didn’t even notice that my last post was exactly one year after I began this erstwhile attempt to maintain a journal of my exploits as the ‘homeschooldaddy’. It seems strange that I didn’t mark the occasion – then again with my long gaps in blogging, it’s probably no surprise. With the kids in summer camp (free at my church – what a blessing!) and evaluations to complete, there’s not much going on educationally. I am glad that the summer camp is doing some academic review, but mostly I do want the kids to enjoy themselves. Now the interesting thing is I’m back on the outside, asking the kids what they did each day and responding with the generic “That’s nice….” I’m a little upset with myself, knowing I’m not as engaged with their excitement because I’m not sharing it day to day. The immediate feedback of teaching and interfacing with the kids each day is a bit intoxicating, and I’m missing it already. I’m glad their love of knowledge has not disappeared just because they are in a ‘school’ like environment…it’s a comfort to know they still can work in any type of social setting.

Only one bar left on the battery, so I must close for tonight. Look to the hills….



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