This month began our new school year – both public and homeschool. The opening schedule made me feel so behind, as I again tried to balance full-time ministry with full-time parenting. But right in the middle of beginning my own pity party about how busy and tired I am, I am reminded, as many of us are, by tragedy that I really am blessed. On Wednesday my church will bury a 4 year old drowning victim. The mother is only 19 herself. Add to that the fatal police shootings this week in Miami, and it seems that God is again allowing the world to wake us up. I kissed my daughter a couple more times this evening, and I gave my son the benefit of the doubt with his homework so he could enjoy a relaxed evening with his brother and sister.
It again reminds me that the main reason I educate at home and make such an effort to be involved in my older son’s life. It can never become trite that we spend time with our loved ones. It’s not the amount of homework, or the chores that are checked off, it’s the love that is shared between parent and child that is the foundation of everything else they will become.

One other incident that gave me pause happened on Friday. I took my kids to a Christian homeschool co-op with classes from pottery to cheerleading. The kids loved it, of course, but I do have to volunteer for one hour each week. There were many other dads around, but mostly in support or visiting their spouses and kids. In my class, one mother saw me and related how she knew another “Mr. Mom”, but that he was disabled so that was a natural way for him to help out. It made me think of how strange it is now for fathers to be considered the main educator of the family, while the Bible basically places almost all the responsibility for the child’s education on the father. Proverbs is nothing if not a instruction manual from a father to a son. Moses said over and over to the fathers of the Israelites that they were to impart the wisdom of following the Lord to their children. For men to truly be complete in our God given role, I feel we must again take our role as leaders, not just of finances or home projects, but of the worldview and faith-walk of our families. I’m not saying it’s easy, I just know that it is worth it to continue to take the lead in my children’s learning and spiritual growth. That’s my goal for 2007-08, to make sure my children have the best I can give them as a father in every way – spiritually, emotionally, and educationally. I pray for anyone else that is joining me in this effort to make the next generation even better than the last.

Looking unto the hills,



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