Just the facts…

A long day and a busy one – I was called in to a manager’s meeting at church when I was expecting to be at home, so the kids had to spend some time in my office and we missed our chance to update our podcast. The kids are looking forward to it still, however. We made a quick run to the library where we were able to play some checkers, find Naomi’s book on Double Dutch (she’s reading it for the second time) and also get Marcus a book on the history of football. That little breather made the interruption a little easier to take.

I was disappointed because I lost the eBay auction I was in for the fraction sheets for Math-u-See. The economics of homeschooling have been bearing on us a bit – I’ve become a big user of eBay for books and materials that aren’t at the library. Hopefully we’ll be able to get all the things we need without breaking the bank…we spent more money this year on enrichment classes, but so far it seems like it was worth it because the kids really look forward to them.

Not much else to say tonight, just trying to encourage myself as things aren’t great – but we give thanks in all things.

Looking unto the hills,


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