Spending Time…

Once again I have to report a pretty basic day… no lessons as I’ve flipped my workday to Monday to allow for enrichment classes on Fridays. I haven’t really investigated the benefits of a four day school week, but it’s worked for us. I think the grind of the busy days we do have lessons makes up for the days like today. We still have piano lessons on Mondays so we have some activity.
But I know it’s important that I keep at least some regular hours at our church. It’s tough to balance the two. At the beginning of the day, it looked like our friend wasn’t going to be able to watch them – boy, were they bummed out. Spending all day in Dad’s office is not their idea of fun. But she picked them up and all was right with the world again – and I suppose I was relieved too. I don’t pretend I don’t need the break myself. I haven’t yet got the hang of teaching and working at the same time.
Our Weaver curriculum came through, so hopefully we can report on how that goes in the next few weeks.

I’m thinking of starting a music blog to help me express the other side of my life – although it might work out in this blog as well – I’ll make an announcement if I do. Also, check out The Daddycast and Kidswifeworklife.com I found both of these very well done podcasts. You can find them on Itunes.

Looking unto the hills,


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