Encourage Yourself…

Sunday evening and a little procrastination has set in – or is it relaxation? I forget which is which.

Our teen choir sang at church today. In some churches 12 – 15 teens in a choir would be a joy, but at my ‘mega’ church it makes the choir stand look empty. Now the kids did a great job singing, but it’s still tough to pull off. Add to that an embarassing showing at a church on Wednesday – one that has brought very public criticism – and that demon of doubt and discouragement has been creeping into my thought process. It isn’t that I feel God has deserted me, ala Mother Teresa, but it is a questioning of whether I’m correctly identifying His purposes for me. But a time of prayer and reflection has reminded me that I am able to handle this challenge because I’ve been given the tools, through previous struggles, to overcome it.

It’s funny how issues in one area make you worry about others that are not really a problem. Just getting a spelling book seemed to revitalize our homeschool lessons, but now I find myself wondering if we will make real progress or if the kids are (dare I say it?) “falling behind”. We’ve done pretty well with 4 day week lessons, but I’m tempted to add an assignment on Mondays to even out the weeks activities. However, I’m pretty sure once I get our Weaver curriculum (I’ve been disputing with my Ebay seller for two weeks now!) I’ll be much more comfortable. Fridays at our enrichment class have been a great success (if not a little expensive) and we’re about ready to start podcasting again. I just have to carve out the time and prioritize the creative types of activities. Oh yes, and also find the time to, um, relax.

Looking unto the hills,


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