What a day…

…and not just for me. I guess you can say we are “churched out” for today. We’ve spent a couple of days just relaxing and recovering from the week.

Friday was another great day at enrichment – I was able to volunteer in Naomi’s ceramics class and help her to craft a clay bowl. They’ll dry and fire them over the weekend and she’ll be able to paint it next week. Saturday was spent trying to un-virus Christopher’s computer…makes me even more wary about his computer time if he’s downloading unfamiliar things… and preparing for Sunday Service. The kids have become “Brain Quest” fanatics – they spent all evening quizzing each other on factoids – which I can’t say I object to. They could find many worse things to drive each other crazy with. Another plus was the arrival of Marcus’ fraction overlays – in minutes we were practicing equivalent fractions, something that I couldn’t do with my “homemade” versions. (Sometimes saving money is losing time!)

Oh yes, and we spent a lot of time watching “Travel Channel” – as a break during the day it’s been nice to turn on the TV and watch “Passport to Europe w/ Samantha”. She does a tour guide look at several European cities, which I promptly had the kids look up. While it wasn’t a unit I was planning, it fits into our daily schedule and provides some independent study opportunities for the kids. The more they know about the world, the more they’ll be able to function and relate to all the international news they hear from day to day.

Personally, I’m still working on that relaxation vs. procrastination thing – I know I need the rest today but it seems there’s always a reason why I should be moving. Perhaps it’s the fact that time is moving so fast. High School is now a distant memory at 15 years past, and college is quickly moving into the same place in the rear view mirror. So standing still sometimes feels like moving backward. I know there is so much to be accomplished, and yet I have to rely on bursts of energy and synergistic days where everything falls into place to feel like I got anything done. But maybe that’s the way all of us have to operate – knowing that it’s mostly 3 steps forward and two steps back – while realizing that progress has still been made.

I hope to connect with other homeschool dads in the near future. Feel free to write or comment on any entry – I’m always open to network and share with other fathers that are taking the lead in their children’s future.

Looking unto the hills,


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