Pushing through….

We returned to our Park group today and I felt so behind. Not because of some assignments, but just because obviously the other families were up on the current events of the group. It was tempting not to join this year in an attempt to save time, but again I have to look at the whole picture – Naomi is now helping create an environmental club with her friends, and both kids were able to get homeschool ID cards. The support group helps us find things like that that are not necessarily part of anyone’s curriculum. Even though I’m still the only homeschooling dad of the group, there are other fathers that come around so I’m not the only man standing around, which helps a bit. I know the gender thing isn’t the most important thing, but I do feel more and more a need to find other men to network with.

Not much else this morning, will check in later.

Looking unto the hills,


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