Wow, a full three weeks and I kind of dropped of the face of the earth. Not literally, but about in every other sense of the word. I’ve had about as bad a period of ‘blues’ as I’ve had in a while. And during that time, I felt that “midnight of the soul” hunger for some kind of hope, even as my conscious mind related all the obvious things that were going well. Thank God that patience from my wife and a word from the Pastor helped me snap out of it. I won’t accept that periods like that are necessary, only that when they happen they can teach us that faith has to outlast feelings, and this time it did again.

Now to happier thoughts – my new theme song.

Mute Math is a hybrid Christian / alternative – well I hate labels, so let’s just say they’re awesome musicians. I love anything that breaks boundries, and even though their lead singer is a dead ringer for Sting /early Peter Gabriel, I’m loving their electronic / pop sound. The song that I have been wearing out is their single “Typical”. Just the first few lines speak directly to my (and I’m sure many others) current state of mind…

Come on, can I dream for one day?
There’s nothing that can’t be done
But how long should it take somebody
Before they can be someone

Cuz I know there’s got to be another level
Somewhere closer to the other side
And I’m feelin’ like it’s now or never
Can I break the spell of the typical?

And that became my mantra / prayer in this past week. Whatever happens, today, Lord, let it not be typical. Not predictable or run of the mill. Let this day be a breakthrough day in my relationships, work, my faith, my finances – SOMETHING. And considering that I had the same stresses today as many and still found the time to take care of some major things that were nagging me, I have to say that prayer was answered. Maybe it won’t be thunder and lightning from the sky, but I’m sure that each day I’m more focused on His will for my family and my life, will not be a typical day. May your days also be anything but typical.

The kids also did something atypical – a video podcast. It’s at our webpage at web.mac.com/allenpaul and also on Itunes. If you only knew how many takes it took just to make a pizza…Emeril can keep the job, and the iron chefs too. 🙂

Looking unto the hills,


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