Cash, Cheerleading, and Curriculum

Another busy two weeks – actually super busy. I try not to make negative statements about being in church every night, as people may think that being in church is a bad thing. But certainly it’s tiring when you’re getting home at 10 and 10:30 each evening. But it’s been a good run of leadership training and learning at these services too. (We had a leadership service week.) We had time to rest today and I have a bit of time to write.

First of all, blessings to all the veterans, including in my family. Many have passed on but we still cherish their memory and their courage. I wish we could have done more to commemorate the day, but I was heartened by my children’s prayers this evening – each one thanked God for the sacrifices of soldiers. Maybe some of these lessons are sinking in.

We’ve had varying success using the Weaver curriculum. It’s very thorough in explanation but a little skimpy on activities that don’t involve a lot of hands on stuff. In other words, the lessons aren’t very independent learning friendly. They seem more teacher directed, and that’s not great for our style. However, the bible lessons fit well into the units and I also appreciate the number of activities available – I just wish they allowed for more “stretching”. When I have to stretch the activities, it seems like I’m back to square one in my planning crunch. It’s only been a few weeks so we’ll keep at it to make sure it’s not the improper application of the material that’s causing the problem (for me, at least.)

As for cash, it’s time to budget for classes and sports for next year. I’m very concerned that we’ll either spend too much or not enough. Perhaps that’s every parent’s worry – does my daughter really need that violin class and the new violin? If I don’t buy in, have I deprived her? And how much is too much? Cheerleading, dance, piano, you name it, she’s in it. Even as a piano teacher myself, I wouldn’t want kids that are stretched too thin in my class. They usually are irritable, don’t take personal interest in the lesson, and seem to just go through the motions in order to appease whatever parent forced them to learn the instrument. And that’s the last thing I want for my kids to feel. On the other hand, of course, they are talented enough to excel, and I also want them to have a high level of accomplishment in something. By week’s end we’ll have to decide whether to leave them in their current classes, or move them into something less expensive. Miki and I are praying for a blessing that will allow us to balance their creative needs with their physical ones – so that they won’t lack on either case. A fair and noble request, if I do say so myself.

Later I’ll detail some of the unit lessons that have been less than interesting in the Weaver and perhaps someone will help me spice it up or find alternatives. Until then, I’ll be looking unto the hills…


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