Tests, Texting, and Testiness

Random thoughts of a cluttered mind….

– When did my most frustrating moments become my inability to text a person as fast as I could say the same thing by calling? and…

– Why do I insist on texting them anyway?

– When I tested my kids on information they learned last year, Naomi’s comment was “Dad, my brain is getting too full.”

– Am I getting frustrated because it’s been a long year of school, or because I realize the kids are a year closer to leaving me and I’ve wasted countless chances to bond with them?

– (For teens only) How can you send 1000 texts in one month? Do you have some kind of training program? Is their a textathon somewhere my teenage son is preparing for?

– At what point did my favorite phrase become, “It’s not like I’m so much older than you, but…”

– The highlight of any man’s day is finding two matching socks on the first dig into the mismatch sock basket. (Admit it, you’ve got one too.)

– Proof that I should make the kids pay for stuff…

Marcus – “Name something in life that isn’t free.”

Naomi – “well, everything in my life is free b’cause my parents pay for everything.”

– The simpler a concept is, the more you have to explain it.

– The only time I miss childhood is when I’m witnessing someone wasting theirs.

– At this pace of life, I have to get to know myself everyday for fear I’ll forget who I am.

– What could God do with our lives if we weren’t in the way?

Looking unto the hills,


One thought on “Tests, Texting, and Testiness

  1. OH – MY – GOSH! You had me in stitches!! Are all our lives like this??? lol I was ROFL at the texting comments. Oh, so true! How CAN they text so darn much…and so fast?? It’s sad that when I first attempted to return a text to Savannah, it took me almost an hour to figure out that I could switch the mode to alphanumeric instead of words!!

    Oh, and the comments on free stuff had Ashton laughing, too! And, I DO make my kids pay for stuff. Savannah pays her own phone bill each month by babysitting, walking dogs, or doing chores for one of our neighbors who pays her. And, both girls are paying for camp this summer (though I will pay the difference if they don’t make it).

    Glad to know I’m not the only one having these hairraising moments! Enjoy them while they last! 🙂

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