Convention…Day 1 (well, Belated Day 1)

Good morning, world.

My last attempt to post was foiled, but that’s fine, because everything I was writing was really just a log of stuff that happened yesterday.  I wanted to keep a direct log of our activities leading into the homeschool convention, but I can do that anytime.   Right now, the sun is reflecting off the windows opposite my screened patio outside our hotel / condo.  The temp is about 74 and breezy in Orlando, and I’ve had two hours to study sermon notes, read, look at the kids sleeping, fix cinnamon raisin bread toast and coffee, listen to John Mayer, and overall, get a wonderful start to my day.  
No matter what else I learn, or spend this weekend, the last two hours makes it worth it. 
Now, as for the convention, all I can say is…..whoa.   Thousands of people like me, crazy enough to think their main priority is their kids?  People of every culture, hundreds of vendors, myriad approaches to learning, enough free stuff to fill two more suitcases?   That’s what we’re experiencing.  And that was only two hours. 
We spend the first hours Friday enduring a timeshare sales presentation that came with our great rate on the resort we’re staying at (ok, so maybe we were more interested then I’m letting on, but I’m a Dave Ramsey listener and if he knew we considered a vacation home, he might send dogs after us.) Then it was off to the convention.  We had to park about a mile away, but the resort hired shuttles which arrived immediately and dropped us off right at the entrance.  We were famished from the sales presentation – perhaps they’ve learned hungry people make more impulse decisions – but food was provided right at the front, so we joined several other families camped out on the lobby floor, munching on pizza and chicken nuggets.  
The flood of people coming through the lobby at 1:30 seemed to indicate classes were starting, but my wife and I weren’t quite ready for classes.  This was her first introduction to how big homeschooling has gotten, and I didn’t want to overwhelm her with educationalese. So we went straight to the exhibit hall.  Within minutes, we had Naomi fitted for a violin, Marcus playing in a chess tournament, Miki and I speaking with a speech therapist, and the kids looking through microscopes.  Now THAT is what I call limitless learning. 
Perhaps this first time, I shouldn’t feel guilty if we don’t make it to any classes.  The experience of the first day was enough to re-energize me that we are among friends and that the kids are truly benefiting from our choice to homeschool.  Even though I haven’t met any other homeschool dads, I’m among people that feel the way I feel about their kids, and that is infectious and invigorating.  At the end of today, I’m sure I’ll feel even more that way.  And yes, I will put specifics about curricula and strategies eventually in this blog, but right now I’m just absorbing the moment.  And a great moment it is, a blessed moment that I give God praise for.  
Looking unto the hills,
homeschoooldaddy (acp) 

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