50 Posts!

Wow… Never thought I’d make that kind of milestone. I know for some of you in the blogosphere, 50 posts is a pretty boring month of writing, but it took me two years. You also might notice that about 20% of those posts happened in the last two months. So it only took me 22 months to get the hang of this blogging thing. If I was a NFL quarterback, I would be hitting my stride in my second season, so watch out, to whomever the Brett Farve of blogging is.

Some random thoughts…

1) Father says to child: Can’t we get this house to look somewhat decent?

2) Child goes to work on kitchen.

3) Five minutes later, child looks around at half done dishes, a couple of dust piles on the floor and a couple of leftover tupperware containers put away, smiles, and says proudly – “There! Somewhat Decent!”

This would be funny if it didn’t actually happen today with Marcus. All I can say is that kids will absolutely perform to expectations – whatever they may be.

– More on the church / homeschooling controversy – I’ve learned that one of the members concerned thought that my homeschooling on campus was illegal. ILLEGAL. As in, go to jail, you’re abusing those kids! You, with your witchcraft virtual classes and your unholy decision to keep your child from wooden desks! Where’s the stocks from Salem when you need them? Off with their heads!

Sorry, got carried away – but doesn’t that fit the image of someone who is deathly afraid of individual control? I mean, if they tolerate the wholesale indoctrination of a generation into accepting faithless governance, homosexuality as normal, and life as a victim to be admired, wouldn’t those same people be intimidated and afraid of those that refuse to be part of the madness? I think so. But I now realize how little they must know of both the legal and practical aspects of homeschooling – and I see a teachable moment on the horizon.

– One such teachable moment – At CVS this morning buying vitamins and epsom salt (Marcus’ joint pain seems to be getting worse – Either he’s about to sprout 2 inches or he’s aging by decades rather than years) we ran into two other kids from our support group. So four homeschool kids are standing at the counter, and the clerk asks the question you know is coming every time –

“You guys out of school?”

Their unanimous answer, in chorus – “We homeschool.”

The next 10 minutes, I gave the gentleman a rundown through all the common myths and realities of homeschooling – including socialization (“Do YOU work with adults all the same age?”), testing, subject matter and public school comparisons. I don’t know whether he has a better sense of what we do now, but my daughter does. Upon getting in the car after checking out, she said that she agreed with my summary of why socialization in schools is not based in real life experiences. “Because we get to talk to people no matter what their age is,” she said. Then she went home and worked on her math lesson – without being asked. Miracles never cease, and motivation is sometimes not direct, but in moments where one realizes what you already have, and that you can make the best of it.

Blessings, and peace to all through Him. Looking unto the hills,



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