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The day after my birthday reminds me quickly why there are no special names for the 30’s. Everything as usual, back to work, hit the road running. I did feel pretty productive, and Marcus and Naomi made me feel good by continuing on their math and science lessons without being asked. Marcus is still reticent about continuing his Virtual School lessons throughout the summer, but he’s realizing it makes no sense to start over just to maintain his image of a work-free summer. Naomi is pushing to finish her Math-u-See Delta (Division) for much of the same reason I pushed through Calculus in high school – because she wants nothing to do with it next year.

Some thoughts on other resources I’d discovered recently – these are not reviews because I haven’t used the product, but if you’re interested you might drop a line and tell me if you like the concept.
Not exactly the style I would use for my site – these guys like their beer – but I really like the content, varied information, and the overall relaxed attitude these guys take toward fathering. Includes video and audio podcasts, reviews, a dads forum, and several links for additional resources. Very cool. –
A site I found at FPEA. This dad is an author, presenter, and another fighter of the good fight of fathers. I really like his e-mail newsletter – gives me encouragement on tough days. Check him out in my resources section.

Sorry it took longer to get this one out, you’ll see why later…

Unto the hills,



One thought on “Some More Resources

  1. Hello, I found your blog via I’m also a homeschool dad and have a site detailing our lessons, particularly for 6th through 9th grade – just about to start 10th grade! Stop by some time and see if it might help you or your readers. Thanks for a great blog and encouragment to other homeschool dads – there aren’t too many of us blogging! -Mark

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