Scattershot Thoughts…

Just feel like letting off some steam…

  • Let me say it so that I can take the criticism now. I don’t care how engaging Obama is. Charisma doesn’t make you a leader. It makes you easier to follow. There’s a difference.
  • It’s no longer 15 minutes of fame that is the claim of every person, as Andy Warhol said. It’s the 15 seconds every person will devote to perfect strangers that have a web page, Twitter account or Facebook. Add those 15 seconds together, and everyone is famous for about 3 days.
  • Yes, I want to work out and be fit. No, I don’t want to get up at 5 AM to do it.
  • Did you know the inventor of ‘Pringles’ Vacuum Can was cremated and buried in one?
  • I’m at a weird place in my life. I watch ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Masters’ with equal fervor.
  • Why be sad about the end of the Olympics? I can watch “Ninja Warrior” for weeks and see more of the “Thrill of Victory, and the Agony of Defeat”.
  • Besides, does anybody know what happened to that skier that flew off the ski jump in the opening sequence of Wide World of Sports? Did he ever get any royalties? How did it feel to have millions of people equate your worst moment as the visual definition of defeat?
  • It is the hardest thing to have a conversation with someone and not accidentally talk over each other, so one has to say, “No, you go ahead.” It’s like we need conversational traffic signals. Red light, you talk. Green light, I talk. Or maybe a conversation referee.
  • Great idea Washington, that whole making corn into gas ethanol thing. Never thought instead of holding back on gas, I should hold back on Corn Flakes to decrease demand.
  • I heard how Madonna compared John McCain to Hitler. How is it that stars can make a living insulting the pants off of people, and then sue someone for libel because someone reported something they didn’t like in US Weekly?
  • It’s amazing that after 10 years, I still haven’t determined the fastest way to drive to work. It’s like the never ending experiment. In ten years Einstein had e=mc2, but I can’t tell if the Turnpike or US1 or Marlin is the fastest way to 152nd.
  • Don’t forget to vote today here in Miami. The issues on the ballot (Children’s Trust, State Rep., etc.) are way more pertinent to our daily lives than the guy in the house on Pennsylvania Ave.

Looking unto the hills,



2 thoughts on “Scattershot Thoughts…

  1. Hi,

    Love your blog. I found you via your cousin’s homeschool blog.

    I’m in the process of reading “A Bound Man” by Shelby Steele. So far, the book does an excellent job of shedding light on why Obama is so popular with many Americans. It’s a slim volume, and not too hard to get through quickly.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I love Shelby Steele’s “The Content of Their Character.” I’ll look for the new title so I can add to my collection. Thanks!

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