The Price of Life

Such a burden it is, having enough to make it but not enough to really make it. At least that seems to be the sentiment around these days. As much as gas prices have risen, I’ve seen no change in people’s driving or buying habits. Banks and mortgage lenders get into trouble from bad loan decisions, so the government decides to… encourage more lending. That makes sense. If my son lends 30 bucks to his friend and doesn’t get paid back, no way I’m giving him another 20 to tide him over. But we’re so used to our mistakes being fixed that we’ve forgotten that it isn’t a God given right to have 1 dollar a gallon gas or a 300k home. Or am I missing something?

Jesus gave Peter ample warning of his impending failure, allowed the failure, and gave him both a road to redemption and a responsibility to maintain. I feel this is the model we’ve forgotten. John Maxwell calls it failing forward. I call it the price of life. Without a payment of what Dave Ramsey aptly terms “stupid tax”, we would all think our reserves of common sense were inexhaustible. Here’s hoping our love affair with success doesn’t kill our ability to recognize the true acquisition of the same.


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