The End of the Beginning

Just like that, it ended.

I didn’t even realize it til almost 6:00 PM, but my fast is officially over today.  I was finishing up a hasty band rehearsal at church, wondering if I should work with the media team or go home, when it hit me that I had skipped my last lunch for the month.  January 31 marks the end of our Trinty Fast as a church. The last two days I had added breakfast to my fast as an added impetus to pray more for a recent issue at church, but I had not felt any major hunger pangs, and I felt almost guilty for looking forward to resuming my normal activities – drinking coffee, posting on Twitter, and of course, the runs to McD’s for a Quarter Pounder, no cheese, with a Dr. Pepper.  I had to stop and pray that I would not lose the feeling of God’s presence as I return to these luxuries, and that I would remain receptive to His leading. You see, I don’t want to fall into the assumption that I’m only able to get close to God when I’m sacrificing worldly comforts – I should be able to pray and live in His presence in plenty as well as in want.  The apostle Paul said it best, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”  I do feel I am more attuned to what I must do in the next few months, based on how God is leading, and I know that without the spiritual discipline I gained, I  probably would have been knocked off base by several unforseen issues this month.  Isaiah states that the purpose of fasts should be to bind up the brokenhearted and to comfort others. In my case, the comforting was within my own family, as we’ve had sharp divisions with close friends. But God is faithful and I thank him for taking us through such tough times with our faith and integrity intact.

So what now?

Well, it was appropriate that this evening Miki and I were able to visit Christ Fellowship, a multi-site church just a few blocks from us.  They have a Saturday evening service at 6:30, and we had been promising ourselves that we would visit other ministries, both as a opportunity to be ministered to in a somewhat incognito environment, and to experience and explore different styles of worship.  Our first visit was two weeks ago, and we were both impressed by the obvious marks of a modern mega church – volunteers everywhere from the parking lot to the children’s area, first class media and video, well organized and spirited worship leaders and musicians, and a very passionate lesson from the pastor, who preached with a cultural relevant tone but very much from the scriptures as well. So we decided to return tonight for a second visit, and, as God orchestrated it, the topic was quiet time with God – maintaining a devotional life. I knew then God was reminding me not to lose the passion for time alone with Him in order to get through the transitions I know are on the way.


I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Ps. 32:8

As the pastor stated, we have to be still to know Him – and if we are not still, we won’t get to know Him.  My prayer is that this fast will have eternal effect in allowing me even closer access to my Heavenly Father, so that I can be a better father all the days the Lord allows me to be one.

And with that, I close the book on this fast, and this post. Much more activity awaits me tomorrow – but not before meeting with God about it first thing. Until next time….

Looking unto the hills,



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