A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Twitterverse

Ok, so I really am glad to be back on Twitter.

As you know my fast ended about a week ago, and I was amazed that I actually gained followers. The attraction of Twitter for me is the ability to go through my day with hundreds of other people around the nation and world sharing in the same pleasures and problems – money, family, career, entertainment – you name it. Although my time away from Twitter did reveal how I can sometimes become hyperfocused on this type of micro-analysis and reporting of daily life, it also revealed that I do at times have something to say that should be said to others beyond my immediate circle. Many times a “tweet” will encourage someone way across the country, or I will find information about a topic that I would have had to search for myself for ages. You never know in this age of information how one statement or opportunity can make a huge difference. Just look at how Pres. Obama used the power of the internet and Twitter to build a massize swell of support (which perhaps he now wishes he would marshall again, but that’s another topic).

It has struck me that even in the Twitterverse, we seem to gather in communities of interest. Christian, family oriented individuals are easy to spot and connect to. Should we be only linking to those that are like us? Or should the information superhighway become another tool of evangelizing the world for Christ? And if so, would that lessen our attractiveness when unsuspecting followers realize that Christians have dual motives in their seemingly random selection of friends?  All questions I have yet to come to grips with. I simply for now enjoy the community of both believers and others that may or may not believe, and perhaps in simply sharing and living life openly, on the world wide web, am I the most effective witness of all – a relevant and authentic one.

And here, for all to see, is my “Twitterverse” of followers. Thank you all for sharing with me in the ride.

Get your twitter mosaic here.


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