What’s in a Name (Specifically…my name)

Ok, so this may seem a pretty self aggrandizing topic. But I figured I’d answer the question before it is ever asked… why sign off each of my posts with HsD, with the “s” in lower case?

Of course HsD stands for Homeschooldaddy. But when I created the initials I wanted to make clear which of those three titles bore the most significance, and the best way I could think of was to put ‘Home’ and ‘Daddy’ in upper case, and leave the least of the three, ‘school’, in lower case.

Am I saying school is not important? Of course not. Any of my frequent readers know the educational process is one of my core values. But next to being the leader of my home and the father of my children, schooling (or even my preferred term, family learning) is a distant third in determining my worth and effectiveness in the calling God has given me. If my children never master grammar, mathematics, or science; if they never become great orators or public servants; if by world standards they are not up to par (whose standards we don’t attempt to measure to anyway, as they are ever changing and ever based on the wrong criteria); all these possibilities would be unfortunate, but not as unfortunate as if they never experience the love of a godly home or have the support of a loving father that was by their side in every situation, in every bump against the seawalls of life, and in every triumphant trip to the summit of their dreams.  The past is riddled with examples of successful failures – those that achieved economic and educational success at the cost or sacrifice of their spiritual well-being, due to the neglect or negligence of their parents.

The key to my kids’ success is less in what they know than Who they know, and knowing who they are in Him.

It has crossed my mind that one day my kids may re-enter the public school system.  What of my special designation?  Would I cease to be Homeschooldaddy? Upon reflection, the answer became clear – not at all. My handle need not change – school will always be a small part of my role with them, as it is now. But I will continue to make sure that our Home is the place that they can be run in and be loved, and make sure I’m the Daddy they can run to and be loved.

Hope that clears it up…

Looking unto the Hills,



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