That Dad

I’ve realized most of the fathering decisions I’ve made recently are done with the purpose of not becoming “that dad”.  You know, the one that everyone can point out at the drop of a hat for actions that make him, well, “that dad”. Let me provide some examples:

I don’t want to be..

That Dad that picks his kids up late claiming that work held him up.

That Dad that loses his temper over small things and ends up having to apologize to a child that still thinks adults are perfect.

That Dad that always needs a break from the kids at the same time his wife does.

That Dad that doesn’t recognize when his daughter is determining her future husband choice by watching his every move.

That Dad that thinks providing for his wife’s physical needs exempts him from providing for her emotional and spiritual needs.

That Dad that lets his emotions go when they should be held, and holds them when they should be let go.

That Dad that spends on everything except what his wife finds necessary to keep the house running smoothly.

That Dad that’s too controlling.

That Dad that’s not involved enough.

That Dad that is so sure he’s not “That Dad”, that he doesn’t realize that he is.

I’ve been That Dad a few times more than I want to admit. But the more I realize that I don’t want to be him, the more confident that I’ll recognize when I’m becoming him, and instead be the kind of Dad my wife and kids can depend on.

Looking unto the hills,



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