Greater Than

I’m sure you remember this concept from your pre-algegra class…if you haven’t tried to forget. It usually was some type of comparison of equations:  9(3) > 3+9

I was always taught to think of it as the alligator mouth in the numerical sentence that always ate the bigger side.

In this case, mathematics proved to have an application outside of comparing amounts. I’ve seen the symbol used in other written expressions, especially in Facebook and Twitter, to compare concepts and ideas;  i.e.,  honesty > deceit.

The following  list was a series of tweets that I posted when I was considering comparisons of things I feel we often have to choose between – determining which is the weighter, more important principle to follow. We are faced with many other choices than these on a daily basis, but I felt the list was comprehensive enough to provoke others to consider what in their lives is “greater than.”

Here is my list…

  • Those that care about you > Those that care about what you do
  • Another chance > Another mistake
  • The pain of withdrawing my heart from others > The safety of protecting my emotions
  • How much I appreciate what I have > How much I desire what I don’t
  • Emotional upheaval through trial > Emotional emptiness through avoidance
  • Irrational hope in the future > Rational assumptions of the past
  • Looking within to redefine yourself > Looking to others to validate yourself
  • Facing one’s insecurities > Remaining in a comfort zone of fear
  • Honest communication with some disagreements > Platitudes that ignore the real issue
  • Real people that sometimes feel flawed > Fake people that think they have no flaws
  • And of course the final and ultimate comparison-

    He that is in me > he that is in the world.

    May you always choose the “greater than” in your decisions, whether in parenting, in your career, or in your faith.



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