2011: Some Things I’m Thankful For

As 2012 approaches, it motivates many to look back at the previous year and produce lists and memorials of what they learned. I am no exception. In brief, here are a few things I can say I am thankful for in the past year. 

  • That my marriage is stronger than it was at the start of the year, despite challenges and obstacles, and that my wife and I have now been celebrating our love for 15 years. 
  • That our leap into the Classical model of education has been successful, and that my kids are continuing to grow and mature in their faith and self-awareness. 
  • That our long battle with selling the house came to an end, and we found a new place to call home. 
  • That my church family continued to provide real relationships, inspire new levels of faith, and challenge me to live up to the potential I was imbued with from my Father. 
  • That despite all that could have gone wrong, we are more inspired, more prepared, and more empowered to handle the challenges of 2012 because of the lessons of 2011.

I pray that you can look back on the past year and see more blessings than burdens, and look ahead to 2012 and see more possibilities than problems. 2011 was a tough year for many of us, and yet, we are still here, and He is still able. 

Happy New Year! 


2 thoughts on “2011: Some Things I’m Thankful For

  1. You are always an inspiration, my cousin!! Now with a breath and some rest, I’m back filling up planners and feeling good about this year, too, although as you said, it stretched me/ our family immeasurably!

    • Thank you so much! Much love to the entire family. We are also taking on this year with the promise that all things are possible to them that believe…so we’re just gonna believe until they are possible.

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