An Accidental Thank You to a Veteran









It speaks to my inflated sense of importance that I was worried about what I would post on Facebook for Veteran’s Day.

As if a few pithy comments on social media could be an adequate display of gratitude to those who have given their lives over to the defense of our country. Not to dismiss those that have done so today, but I felt especially incapable of finding proper words to convey my respect for our armed forces. Perhaps my inability is due to my clear realization that I could never do what a soldier does. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I simply can’t process the idea of pushing myself to the point of surrendering my will to a command structure that requires such extreme sacrifice. I don’t say this as a dishonorable thing, but as a high compliment to those that forge deep allegiance to the cause of freedom, to the point that they cast aside their own self-hood to complete the duty assigned to them, whatever it may be.

So my day continued with no social media thank you regarding our veterans, up until the afternoon.  I teach piano students on Mondays in my home. At 5:30 one of my newest students, an older gentlemen I’ll call Mr. V, came in. It was his second lesson today. Mr. V loves the blues. He has gnarled, thick fingers that barely fit within the keys, yet he can handle some soulful piano licks, and understands a lot of music theory. He told me that his finger injuries prevented him from playing guitar as he used to, so he picked up the piano instead.

In today’s lesson, he picked my brain about all sorts of music and piano concepts, and the hour literally flew by as we tried out different blues and jazz chords, and shared stories about our favorite musicians. I honestly could work with him for hours because of his genuine enthusiasm and willingness to learn. As the lesson ended, he mentioned coming to one of my performances. He said he would be in the area the day before, as he had a VA appointment.

I remembered seeing a military insignia on a hat he wore last week. Hadn’t really paid attention before.

I quickly took the opportunity to say thank you to him for his service, and wished him a Happy Veteran’s Day as he got into his big white van. He smiled back and told me, “Thanks. There’s nothing else I would have liked to spend my Veteran’s Day doing.”

Day. Made.

I don’t have any weapons training. The closest I’ll ever get to a battlefield is to visit a Civil War memorial site. I can’t travel to Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other overseas theater to personally assist in the fight that our military wages to maintain our security.

All I have is a little knowledge of music and a piano.

Which for one veteran, was all he wanted. So I think I know what to post on my Facebook wall now.

Thank you, Mr. V, and all your brothers and sisters that have served and continue to serve. Such as I have, I will continue to offer you in gratitude. Because you give all that you have. 


One thought on “An Accidental Thank You to a Veteran

  1. Love it, cuz!! You are right about the sense of our importance; I was feeling “left out” since the closest military vets I have are uncles and cousins. Well, there is my FIL Anyway, who am I?

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