Battery Drain

I put six batteries in a keyboard I was using. When I went to turn on the device, it had no power. I quickly assumed the batteries were dead, and threw all six away.
I went and got another six batteries. Again there was no power. But this time I checked the batteries and found I hadn’t pressed one all the way in. Of course, once the loose one was secure in its slot, the power came on.
I wonder how many times I’ve done that with God’s promises.
I installed them in my life, expecting immediate results. When I didn’t see the lights of success come on immediately, I threw out the entire bunch, rather than check to see if I simply hadn’t pressed hard enough.
I may have thrown out perfectly good promises because I neglected to press.
Fathers, mothers, families: Don’t throw out God’s promises for your children. Our power is limited. His is limitless. We just need to check the connection.

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