September 11th – All I can Say

Nothing and everything.
Those words sum up what resonates in my heart on this anniversary of the September 11th attacks.
Nothing I can say or post will measure up to the bravery and selfless sacrifice of those that gave their lives that day.
Nothing we can do will lessen the pain of those that lost loved ones in this act of cruelty.
Nothing can explain why these things occurred.
Nothing can reason away the hate that such an act required.
But everything that we do from this moment on matters.
Everything we say to our loved ones, everyday, should be in love and in recognition of the fragility of life.
Everything that this day represents should hold special place in our hearts, and must not be reserved for any party or persuasion.
Everything that our loved ones gave on that day, and on battlefields foreign and domestic since that day, can only be properly honored by our dedicating ourselves to living lives worthy of their sacrifice.


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